Rod Drobinski for State Representative

Rod Drobinski is a Prosecutor in Lake County Illinois. He has served as Wauconda Police Commissioner, Fremont Library Board Trustee, a Tutor at Midtown Educational Foundation in Waukegan, IL, Debate Coach at Carmel Catholic High School Speech and Debate Team, Grayslake Exchange Club Member and member of the Lake County Bar Association.

Rod promises to focus on fiscal issues to foster economic development, cutting taxes and creating jobs. As a bi-partisan, Drobinski will work with anyone in Springfield who is committed to achieving those same goals. Rod understands that with Speaker Madigan at the helm, change will be slow and perhaps impossible. He is a supporter of Minority Leader Durkin.

Rod is committed to restoring fiscal sanity and knows that we are taxed too much. It is necessary to re-evaluate our spending and cut it down substantially. Line by line, waste along with exploding entitlement programs must be slashed. We are scaring away employers at a time when we must be pro-business.

Source: Daily Herald

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Upcoming Events

Team Drobinski Day of Action!
This Saturday, August 27th, Team Drobinski is heading out in District 62 to talk to voters about Rod's campaign for State Representative. Voters need to hear the message about just why they should come out in support of Drobinski this November! Breakfast for canvassers begins at 10am before walking. Lunch break is at 1pm before the afternoon shift.

With just 80 days until the election, this is a perfect time to get involved and take action!

Rod Drobinski campaign fundraiser

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